Your unknown Problem


The most dangerous problems are the ones you don’t know you have, and you have a big one. You know you need to find experienced instructors. You know you need someone to film their instruction and turn it into video. Those problems are easily solved.


So what is your unknown problem? Even the best instructors, with years of experience training students live, have never taught without feedback. Instruction video is mono-directional. Students can’t ask questions. The teacher can’t read their faces. The teacher can’t have the learner demonstrate what they’ve learned. The teacher can’t give correction and feedback based on their progress. The teacher can’t do any of that, because the teacher isn’t there. There is only the multi-media content. 


Virtually no instructors have experience developing excellent mono-directional instruction, and very, very few understand it.


Legacy Instruction Media understands mono-directional instruction and we do it extremely well. We have a proven methodology for turning traditional live training into multi-media instruction that works, regardless of the topic or its complexity. We have developed thorough and effective training courses on a wide range of skills, from the tactical complexity of musical instruments, to art forms such as painting or photography, even the physical complexity of ballroom dance – all skill sets once thought to be teachable only live.


Don’t assume that great instructors know how to make even good video instruction. We help them do it with excellence.