Our Specialties


High-Volume Instruction  

Do you need hundreds of hours of high-quality video instruction on basket weaving? What about filling a special-interest website with a regular schedule of fresh daily instructional or educational videos? Our highly systematized process for developing instruction content allows us to rapidly scale to your needs, efficiently and effectively.

Corporate and Professional Training  

Regardless of topic, Legacy Instruction Media will work with you to create customized multimedia training systems that are right for your organization. Our curriculum development team can either work with your in-house knowledge base or secure outside experts, ensuring your audience is trained in all of the latest information and techniques.

Convert Live Training into Multimedia 

How much are you spending on live training? These costs can be significantly reduced, and sometimes entirely replaced, by well-planned multimedia training. Legacy Instruction Media specializes in transforming live training content into effective multimedia instruction, improving audience engagement and knowledge retention while slashing costs.

Product Training and Video Manuals  

Still using product instruction manuals? Not only are they costly to print, but they also fail to create customer excitement. Video manuals are a powerful way to demonstrate all of a product’s features and benefits, as well as effectively provide usage, safety, and assembly instruction. Done properly, they can create genuine excitement for a product, doubling as a sales tool. 

Online Instruction Content  

In the hyper-competitive world of online instruction, you need a reliable partner who can create the high-quality instruction you need to stand out in a sea of homemade how-to videos, while still generating it in the high volumes and low costs that the online marketplace demands. Legacy Instruction Media’ systematic approach is uniquely suited for the high-quality, high-volume, low-cost model. 

Educational Content and Curriculum 

Are you an educator making the transition to multimedia education formats? Our video instruction experts can help with every step of the process, from curriculum and methodology customization all the way through content production and classroom implementation.