Client Case Study

Case Study: Gibson Guitar

Objective:  Use guitar instruction across a variety of formats to build brand awareness for Gibson Guitars among learners and create more guitar buyers by making guitar easier to learn.

Our Approach:

DVD Training Course:  To help create new guitarists, Legacy Instruction developed the world’s most in-depth guitar training course. Consisting of 20 DVDs, 5 CDs, two books, and an online student community site, the course teaches everything from the guitar basics all the way through advanced skills over a two-year period.

Result:  Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar has been the top selling guitar instruction course for six years running. Tens of thousands of courses have sold, generating over $20 million in revenue. Additionally, these students have viewed over one million hours of Gibson-branded training content.

Mobile App: Legacy Instruction developed a Gibson mobile app for guitarists featuring a variety of musical tools (guitar tuner, digital metronome, chord calculator, etc), guitar training videos and Gibson-specific product promotion. 

Result:  The Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App has been downloaded over 3 million times. It was a Top 5 Music App on iTunes for months and won Best Branded Music App at the 2010 Billboard Music Awards. Further, it has generated hundreds of millions of Gibson brand impressions for its users.

Online Training Site:  To increase traffic to, Legacy Instruction Media created the content to turn it into the world’s largest free guitar instruction website. This includes hundreds of hours of guitar lessons in a variety of formats, with over 200 new lessons added each year. 

Result:  Over 4 million unique monthly visitors to the site, vastly improved repeat visitor and time spent on site rates, and hundreds of millions of brand impressions annually.

Campaign Outcome:  To date, this campaign has generated nearly a trillion brand impressions for Gibson, measurably improved brand loyalty, and increased product demand by creating and engaging millions of new guitarists. 

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