About Us

Legacy Instruction Media provides turnkey development of high quality video instruction, from content and curriculum development right through to multimedia production and distribution management. We specialize in high-volume projects, efficiently systematizing all stages of development and production. We produce literally hundreds of hours of instruction and training content on countless topics for our clients.

Use the Instruction Specialists

How often have you seen an instruction video that looks great, but doesn't teach much at all? Or what about an academic video that does have good instruction, but with terrible video quality? You won't find those videos at Legacy Instruction Media. We are the company that specializes in both high-quality video and superior instruction.

Yes, your instruction videos will look fantastic. Our state-of-the-art film studios and world-class video production team will make sure of it. But just as important, our training and curriculum experts ensure your videos teach even better than they look.

If your instruction, training, or product demonstration videos need to look great and teach effectively, look no further than Legacy Instruction Media. Multimedia instruction is all we do.

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